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imagen de producto Polisombras® Golden

Polisombras® Golden

Shade nets

In the construction it protects the development of the works, delimiting the fall of objects that attempt against operators and passers-by.

imagen de producto Sombra Deco

Sombra Deco

Sombras Deco

Easy to install and decorative for architectural and home applications. Available in various colors.

imagen de producto Cordel Golden

Cordel Golden


El cordel golden de Tesicol está hecho con hilos retorcidos en polipropileno 100% virgen,se puede adquirir en presentación de varios colores.

imagen de producto Soga Golden

Soga Golden


We have worked many years in research and development of our products to be able to reach you with a strong, strong and resistant rope, highlighted by its softness and color.

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