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imagen de producto Alumitex


Shade nets

It is a mesh woven in high density polyethylene covered in aluminum on both sides, which is presented in different densities of fabric.

imagen de producto Tesired


Shade nets

It is optimal for use on land where reforestation of the soil is required at low cost. This type of fabric can easily cover a large amount of land and is easy to install, and its use will save time and money.

imagen de producto Cerratex Vision

Cerratex Vision

Shade nets

CERRATEX VISION is made of 100% virgin high density polyethylene and U.V that will guarantee a useful life of 6 months.

imagen de producto Cerratex


Shade nets

The CERRATEX fabric is designed to be used as a windproof fabric, which will prevent 80% of the wind from passing while keeping its cool areas and a comfortable temperature.

imagen de producto Multired


Shade nets

The MULTIRED fabric is designed in the shape of a diamond which provides adequate strength and elongation to install over the ponds and prevent the birds from taking the fish.

imagen de producto Sombra Deco

Sombra Deco

Shade nets

Easy to install and decorative for architectural and home applications. Available in various colors.

imagen de producto Fibratex



Raffia fibrillated polypropylene in different lengths depending on the size of the aggregate.

imagen de producto en Cordel de polipropileno

en Cordel de polipropileno

Ropes And Twines

We have a wide range of calibers and colors suited to the satisfaction of your needs.

imagen de producto Telas de polipropileno

Telas de polipropileno


In Tesicol we manufacture a wide variety of polypropylene fabrics used in industry for product packaging and with UV protection.

imagen de producto Tela de cerramiento

Tela de cerramiento


It is used with greater emphasis on construction for the delimitation of works during the construction process.

imagen de producto Telas Industriales

Telas Industriales


The fabric covers floors or ground cover, prevents the growth of weeds in cultivation areas, parking lots, nurseries, etc.

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