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Ropes And Twines

Tesicol es sinónimo de cuerdas. Entregamos al mercado millones de metros que se usan día a día, en múltiples aplicaciones y son el mejor testimonio de nuestra calidad. La amplia gama de calibres y colores satisfacen las más exigentes necesidades.

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en Cordel de polipropileno

Ropes And Twines

We have a wide range of calibers and colors suited to the satisfaction of your needs.

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Ropes And Twines

It is mainly used in crafts; in the manufacture of rope for horse heads, mooring of boxes, domestic moorings, mooring of hornas in the footwear sector, moorings in the industrial sector, etc.

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Ropes And Twines

The TESICOL yarns are manufactured in 100% virgin raw material for our Golden line and in post-industry material for our all-terrain line.

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Soga golden

Ropes And Twines

We have worked many years in research and development of our products to be able to reach you with a strong, strong and resistant rope, highlighted by its softness and color.

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Soga todo terreno

Ropes And Twines

Tesicol, as an environmentally responsible company, concentrates one of its lines of rope and rope production in the utilization of recovered raw materials post industry

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