Corporate values

Integrity: We demand in our daily behavior to act in an integral way, that is, to do the right thing. We safeguard the resources of the company, we comply with all the rules, policies, principles and regulations that govern Tesicol. We promote tolerance towards diversity, fair treatment, trust and respect.

Excellence: We act and carry out our work exceeding our own expectations, those of our internal and external clients. We seek to be better every day.

Discipline:We always act in an orderly and persevering manner to achieve our organizational and personal goals. We comply with our commitments and assume responsibility for our actions and results.

Respect: We always value and without discrimination the other as a human being. We are tolerant of differences and individuality and we stick to ethical and moral principles.

Austerity: We make the best use of material and immaterial resources. We take care of our own and others' things so that they provide a better service.

Cooperation: We recognize the active participation of people as members of a team, committed to the activities and results; we seek synergy and relationships between contributions, being able to reconcile seemingly extreme or dissimilar positions, directed towards the fulfillment of common objectives.